Metacognition in Adult Learners
  • Teaching Metacognition Overview —  This summary of Marsha Lovett’s presentation, “Teaching Metacognition” provides and short and sweet overview of the role of metacognitive skills in learning and strategies for increasing learner skills in this area.
  • Metacognitive Aspects of Adult Literacy — This report examine issues related to metacognition in adult literacy. It reviews the science of metacognition in children and adults, and makes some recommendations for more research. It also identifies individual factors that impact metacognition and instructional factors that impact metacognition and literacy.tagsMetacognition
  • Equipped for the Future – Teaching & Learning Toolkit — This toolkit provides resources for adult education courses to use in their classes to enhance metacognitive skills. The toolkit outlines the “equipped for the future”  teaching/learning cycle, provides examples of how the steps are used in adult education and tools to implement the process. The process is focused on adult education offered over time like a GED course. However some of the the tools may be useful in more limited training situations.tagsMetacognition
  • Metacognition and Learning In Adulthood — This paper provides a very useful overview of metacognition in adult learning. It reviews the science of metacognition and provides several useful models that illustrate different ways to conceptualize metacognition. It also reviews metacognition in teaching and learning and, again, provides several helpful models.tagsMetacognition
  • YouTube – Teaching Matters Metacognition —  This video from the Pennsylvania Department of Education also focuses on metacognition in K-12 education. However it provides a nice overview to how teachers can enhance the use of metacognitive skills that would also apply in an adult education or training situation.tagsMetacognition

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